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Four years after completing her studies Zdenka Belas registered her first solo CD album with 17 Russian songs from 13 different known and less known Russian authors and among them also a woman (Cajkovskij, Rachmaninov, Rubinstejn, Rimskij - Korsakov, Gorodovskaja etc.). The choice of the works and the precise preparation and registration of the CD lasted almost one year.
From a total of 30 Russian songs in her repertoire, Zdenka Belas ,accompanied by the Russian pianist Natalia Korotova, choose for this CD seventeen romances and national songs which express the most beautiful expression of romance and where on hears and feels the profound emotion of the Russian soul. Zdenka Belas with her Russian origin carries these emotions through the original interpretation, unique colour of her voice and her impeccable Italian singing technique in a very convincing manner to a large public.

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