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Zdenka Belas, is a young Czech soprano, who already in the third year of her study at the Prague music conservatory was the absolute winner of all the music conservatory in the Czech Republic and laureate of the international music competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad with a special price of the jury.

She was acclaimed and had a great success in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia with Czech and Russian songs . For the society of Czech music she registered a CD with songs from Antonin Dvorak and at the International Music Festival M.S. Trnavsky she obtained the special price of the jury for her interpretation of songs.

A part of the Czech Republic, Zdenka Belas sang in all over Europe and her concert repertoire is extensive and includes not only songs but also baroque and classical as well as romantic and contemporary works. Her opera repertoire is very large with for instance: Purcell – Dido ( National Theatre Prague, Czech republic), Mozart- Zerlina, Elvira, Suzanna (Music Festival in Magdeburg, Germany), Verdi – Sacerdotessa (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Smetana – Maøenka ( Moravian Silesian National Theatre, Czech republic, Zvolen Music Festival, Slovakia, International Music Festival Peter Dvorsky, Czech republic), Rossini – Rosina ( Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden) etc.

Four years after completing her studies Zdenka Belas registered her first solo CD album with 17 Russian songs from 13 different known and less known Russian authors and among them also a woman (Cajkovskij, Rachmaninov, Rubinstejn, Rimskij - Korsakov, Gorodovskaja etc.). The choice of the works and the precise preparation and registration of the CD lasted almost one year.

From a total of 30 Russian songs in her repertoire, Zdenka Belas ,accompanied by the Russian pianist Natalia Korotova, choose for this CD seventeen romances and national songs which express the most beautiful expression of romance and where on hears and feels the profound emotion of the Russian soul. Zdenka Belas with her Russian origin carries these emotions through the original interpretation, unique colour of her voice and her impeccable Italian singing technique in a very convincing manner to a large public.

Czech Republic:
National Theatre Prague (Dido), Moravian Silesian National Theatre (Marenka), City Theatre Usti nad Labem (Rosina, Helena), City Theatre Karlovy Vary (Rosina, Zerlina), Theatre Solidarita ( Younger Lady)
Västeras Konserthus (Rosina), Skövde Stadsteater (Rosina), Ystad Teater (Rosina), Växjö Konserthus (Rosina) , Helsingborg Konserthus (Rosina)
Kongsvinger Radhusteatret (Rosina),Drammen Teater(Rosina)
Frankfurt n/M (Sacerdotessa)

Czech Republic:
Prague Rudolfinum, Zofin, Prague Castle, Municipal House Prague, Palfy Palace, City Theatre Usti nad Labem, City Theatre Karlovy Vary
City Theatre Trnava, Poprad, Bardejov, Humenne, Vranov nad Toplou, Kosice

International Music festival Magdeburg (Zerlina), Peter Dvorsky International Music Festival (Marenka), International Summer Theater Festival "Zvolen Castle Days" (Marenka), International Music Festival Pontes (concert tour), Festival Opera 2000 (Younger Lady), Festival Opera 2001 (Dido), Festival Opera 2003 (Girl), The Opera Week in Kutna Hora (Dido), Vaclav Hudecek Music Festival, Vaclav Talich Music Festival

International Music Competition Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic - and laureate title
The International Vocal Competition of Mikulas Schneider-Trnavsky -, laureate title
and special jury prize
Competition of conservatory students in Czech republic -, Profesor Kucharsky special prize
and title of absolute winner of the competition

State conservatory in Prague (final concert with orchestra in Prague Rudolfinum), voice coaching with prof. Jitka Svabova (1995-2003), Eva Randova masterclasses (2000, 2001), Peter Dvorsky masterclasses (2001, 2003), Masterclasses in Karlovy Vary with prof. Kucharsky (1999), study of Italian language in Rome, diploma exam of Italian language, graduation exam of English language.

prof. Jitka Svabova, prof. Brigita Sulcova, Eva Randova, Peter Dvorsky